Together with the Mellow printing house, we have created a Print Book that helps you understand dependencies between the selection of the appropriate paper, printing technique, color, refinement, and adapting the graphic design to it.

We have selected 66 different papers and for each of them, we have created a project that presents its character, properties, and possibilities. The entire template has been provided with a reference book to make it easier to understand the basic issues in digital printing.
Here you will find a lot of interesting information about printing and you can search for individual cards, learn about the idea of printing, read about the preparation, see case studies of the most interesting cards, as well as contact the printing house and prepare a pre-order for such template.

From the very beginning, we wanted this site to be helpful for everyone who wants to use paper in an unusual way. For designers, it is a good place to be inspired and learn about printing techniques and specific solutions. For customers, it is a good place to get familiarized with the possibilities of choosing paper and finishing.